This Month in SEL [November, 2018]


This month in SEL: the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative gives over $3MM in grants to organizations working to implement social and emotional learning, new research is published on the link between SEL and parenting, the Aspen Institute releases research findings, an ed-tech founder explores the growth mindset, and more.

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New Research on the Link Between SEL and Parenting

A new report from Confident Parents Confident Kids, offers insights into the connections between the worlds of parenting and school-based SEL. To better understand SEL practices in both schools and homes, the researchers conducted a survey of more than 90 SEL professionals who are also parents.

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Why is Social and Emotional Learning Important for Equity in Education?

Jameela Conway-Turner at the American Institutes for Researcher shares how districts and schools can use SEL in their equity initiatives to support all students.

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CZI Dispurses $3.3MM to Advance a Whole Child Approach 

The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative recently disbursed $3.3 million in grants to four organizations working to gather evidence around how best to implement strategies that help kids learn life skills—like how to make decisions, develop an independent sense of agency and follow their own interests and passions.

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What’s Next for the Social, Emotional, and Academic Movement?

The Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development details four findings that stand out as foundational in their work these past several years in exploring the landscape of SEAD.

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Why the Growth Mindset Still Needs to Grow Up

Rupa Gupta, a former middle school administrator and current founder of Sown to Grow, shares a more advanced approach for helping students develop the growth mindset.

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This Month in SEL | November, 2018

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2 thoughts on “This Month in SEL [November, 2018]

  1. Excellent! Thank you for sharing the research on essential connections between parenting and social and emotional learning! Glad to know about your newsletter! Best, Jennifer Miller, Author, Confident Parents, Confident Kids


    1. No problem at all — thank you so much for reading!


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