This Month in SEL [December, 2018]


This month in SEL: Adam Grant speaks out against getting straight A’s, the English Premier League announces plans to launch a new progarm focused on SEL, the Yale Child Center partners with Scholastic to improve academic and mental health outcomes for children and their families.

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Adam Grant on the Problems with Grades & Higher-Ed’s Perfectionist Culture

A recent New York Time op-ed from author and Wharton professor Adam Grant discusses how many college students are obsessed with “getting straight A’s” and are sacrificing their health to do so, despite evidence suggesting that academic excellence is not a strong predictor of career excellence.

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The English Premier League Announces New Digital Education Program

The Premier League’s new “Primary Stars” has announced plans to launch a program focused on providing new teaching resources focusing on health & wellness and social-emotional learning skills.

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EdWeek Discusses the Future of Education Policy

At a live event, Education Week and the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development joined forces to examine the 2018 midterm election results and discuss what education issues will be at the forefront during the 2020 elections.

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Yale Child Center to Partner with Scholastic on New Literacy Research

The collaborative will focus on the intersection of literacy and health across a range of education content areas — i.e., early childhood, social emotional learning and teaching, equity and social justice, and family and community engagement — with the ultimate goal of improving academic and mental health outcomes for children and their families.

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New Research Brief Examines Effective Strategies to Boost Children’s SEL Skills

Researchers from Penn State University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation concluded that: “there is a pressing need for schools to be attuned to peer dynamics and enhance the harmony of peer relationships, especially for those students who are struggling to become accepted and liked by peers.”

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This Month in SEL | December, 2018

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