This Month in SEL [April, 2019]


This month in SEL: experts advance how we measure whole-child educational competencies, research makes the case for trauma-informed education, a new resource seeks to build on the work of the National Commission, and more!

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Experts Discuss How Schools Should Approach Measuring SEL Competencies

With recent research highlighting the benefits of social and emotional development in preparing students for the workforce, experts at the 2019 Reagan Institute Summit on Education (RISE) discussed the implementation and measurement of whole-child educational competencies in schools.

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New Study Calls for an Embrace of Trauma-Informed Education

A new study from the nonprofit Research for Action highlights “promising models” nationwide and calls on lawmakers to implement a comprehensive approach to trauma-informed education, including professional development that reflects the complexity and sensitivity of trauma.

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Making SEL More Relevant to Teens

According to a 2018 survey, current and recent high school students don’t believe their schools have done enough to help them develop socially and emotionally, and most graduates don’t feel prepared for life after high school. Researcher David Yeager and his colleagues argue that in order to better address their developmental needs, it’s important to address teens’ desire for status and respect.

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New Book Focuses on SEL in Out-of-School Time 

“The Growing Out-of-School Time Field: Past, Present, and Future” is, above all else, an attempt to unite the out-of-school time (OST) field, which spans multiple disciplines and contexts and is often defined more in terms of what is not and less in terms of what it encompasses.

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“How Learning Happens”: A New SEL Resource

Sponsored by America’s Promise Alliance, this newly launched website builds on the work of the Aspen Institute National Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development.

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This Month in SEL | April, 2019

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