This Month in SEL [November, 2019]


This month in SEL: an interactive resource for exploring SEL frameworks, resources for supporting adult SEL are on the rise, a new book on raising emotionally intelligent children, how teachers are responding to rapid increases in students’ stress levels, and more!

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New Interactive Resources from the EASEL Lab at Harvard 

Earlier this month, Professor Stephanie Jones and her team at the EASEL Lab (housed within the Harvard Graduate School of Education) released Explore SEL, an interactive hub that allows users to better explore and understand various social and emotional learning frameworks.

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Panorama Education Releases Toolkit for Adult SEL

Promoting the development of students’ social-emotional skills starts with adults. Just as research points to the importance of integrationg social and emotional learning into academics, studies have found that teachers who work on their own SEL skills can improve their own well-being while also improving the social, emotional, and academic outcomes of their students. Adults are constantly asking for more support in both understanding social-emotional learning as well as honing their own SEL skills. This toolkit brings together a research-backed Adult SEL Readiness assessment, activities to help adults practice modeling SEL, and a SEL Exploration worksheet.

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How Teachers Are Tackling Rising Stress in Teens

Seventy percent of teens say stress is a major problem. Research backs that up—and teachers are beginning to offer solutions.

According to a 2019 Pew Research Poll, 70 percent of surveyed teens agree that stress is a major problem. Emergency room visits for self-inflicted, nonfatal injuries among children and young adults increased by 5.7 percent from 2008 to 2015, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that between 2007 and 2017, more teens were seriously considering suicide or hurting themselves in suicide attempts than in past decades.

This Edutopia piece takes an in-depth look at the causes of rising stress in teenage students, explores the cultural and social dynamics at play, and spotlights some solutions that educators are implementing. 

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CASEL Publishes New “SEL Trends Brief” on Adult SEL

Many districts participating in CASEL’s Collaborating Districts Initiative (CDI) have made strengthening adult SEL a top priorities. This “SEL Trends Brief” showcases adult SEL strategies being piloted in Oakland, Sacramento City, and Tulsa.

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New Book on Raising Emotional Intelligence in Children and Parents

In an exclusive excerpt from her new book — “Confident Parents, Confident Kids” — author Jennifer Miller shares a poignant example of how parents can nurture and coach their children when faced with various social and emotional obstacles.

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