This Month in SEL [December, 2019]


This month in SEL: an interview with CASEL’s President and CEO, a new guide to adult SEL, a meta-analysis explores the impact of emotional intelligence on academic performance, our 2019 Year-in-Review of “The Best Of SEL”, and more!

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Interview with CASEL President and CEO Karen Nieme

In this interview with The 74, CASEL President and CEO Karen Niemi discusses how to sustain high-quality SEL, the appropriate role for social-emotional competence assessment, and the importance of adult SEL.

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Panorama Education’s Comprehensive Guide to Adult SEL

Promoting student SEL starts with adults. In order to cultivate students’ social-emotional skills, the adults in a school building (and at home) also need to feel supported and valued while simultaneously developing their own social, emotional and cultural competencies. This new resource from Panorama Education will equip you with the strategies and tools you need to strengthen adult SEL. By the end, you’ll understand different approaches to adult SEL as well as how to measure and implement it within a district.

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Emotional Intelligence Predicts Academic Performance: A Meta-Analysis

This new APA meta-analysis explores the impact of emotional intelligence on academics. The results suggest that students who understand how to manage their emotions earn higher grades and perform better on standardized tests

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NEW BOOK: Taking Social-Emotional Learning Schoolwide

While more and more people recognize that social-emotional learning (SEL) is critical to providing a well-rounded education and to success in life outside and beyond the school building, what’s missing is the know-how and framework for weaving SEL into the fabric of the school. In this new book, Thomas R. Hoerr shows teachers, administrators, and other school staff how to integrate the “Formative Five” success skills—empathy, integrity, self-control, embracing diversity, and grit—with school culture essentials.

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2019 Year-in-Review: The Best of SEL

To wrap-up the year, the editorial team at Inside SEL curated a list of headlines, research, events and resources that — in our opinion — constitute the “best of” 2019 in social and emotional learning. Continue reading to take a trip down memory lane as we recap a banner year in SEL.

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This Month in SEL | December, 2019

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