This Month in SEL [March, 2020]


This month in SEL: the global social-emotional learning community comes together to celebrate the first annual International SEL Day, various organizations step-up to provide support for parents and educators during school closures, CharacterStrong announces an April virtual summit on the whole child… and more!

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The Global Education Community Celebrates International SEL Day

Back in January, The Urban Assembly and SEL4US invited communities across the world to celebrate the importance of social emotional learning (SEL) on the first annual International SEL Day this past Friday, March 27.

This momentous day saw social media posts reach nearly 2 million individuals, including support from actor Bryan Cranston and participation from 15 countries — from the United States to Kuwait to Guatemala to Brazil. It was amazing to see so many people, schools, organizations and influencers come together to raise awareness for the impact and influence of social-emotional learning, and we look forward to supporting the second annual event next March!

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Organizations Step-Up to Support Parents & Educators During School Closures

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread, schools around the world are rapidly pivoting to support children’s health and well-being. As districts shift to online learning, parents, educators and school leaders are searching for ways to continue prioritizing children’s social and emotional development at home.

The month of March saw numerous organizations within the field of social-emotional learning rise to the occasion and provide free resources, professional development, and guidance to parents, educators, and children in need. A few highlights include:

In these times of fear and uncertainty, it is energizing and inspiring to see the education community come together to find ways to support our students.

You can read our full list of social-emotional learning resources for parents, educators and school communities related to COVID-19 here.

CharacterStrong To Host Virtual Whole Child Summit in April

From April 13 to 24, CharacterStrong will be hosting an online conference focused on social-emotional learning: The Whole Child Virtual Summit. The event will include 10 total days of free video content, with keynote sessions from experts such as Angela Duckworth, Akil Ross, Amy Fast, and Clayton Cook.


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STUDY: Boosting Soft Skills Is Better Than Raising Test Scores

In a large study of more than 150,000 students in all 133 of Chicago’s public high schools, a team of education researchers calculated that schools that build social-emotional qualities such as the ability to resolve conflicts and the motivation to work hard are getting even better short-term and long-term results for students than schools that only boost test scores. The schools that develop soft skills produced students with higher grades, fewer absences and fewer disciplinary problems and arrests in high school. Later, the students who attended these high schools graduated and went to college in higher rates.

“What we’re showing is that schools that actually cause kids to become more gritty, those kids tend to be likely to persist more in college.”

— Kirabo Jackson, Economist at Northwestern University

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This Month in SEL | March, 2020


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