This Month in SEL [July, 2020]


This month in SEL: CASEL releases a roadmap for reopening school, Transforming Education publishes a new toolkit for educators on SEL, Panorama Education launches new surveys for back-to-school… and more!

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CASEL Releases the SEL Roadmap for Reopening School

In collaboration with 40+ partners, CASEL‘s newest resource is designed to support education leaders in the complex transition back to school this fall. The guide — titled: Reunite, Renew, and Thrive: Social and Emotional Learning Roadmap for Reopening School) — highlights four “SEL Critical Practices,” each with 3-5 supporting activities. Within each activity, readers are asked to consider essential Questions, actions to prepare implement SEL in reopening, and tools to support theses actions.

Source: CASEL

Access the SEL Roadmap for Reopening School >

Read our team’s analysis >

New Toolkit: SEL for Educators

It is clear that the upcoming school year will unlike any in history. Educators will be tasked with creating positive learning environments where students feel safe, supported and successful, while also addressing their own social-emotional needs. Whether school is in-person, remote, or a hybrid of both, educators are at the core of students’ social-emotional development.

TransformEd’s new SEL for Educators Toolkit is intended to be an accessible and actionable synthesis of the research on the social-emotional learning (SEL) of adults in school settings. By highlighting five high-leverage practices and corresponding strategies, this toolkit translates research to actions that will foster greater awareness, skill development, and embodiment of the competencies we aim to foster in students.

Access the toolkit >

$172 Million Proposed for SEL Funding

The House Appropriations Committee recently released proposed funding for FY21 that includes $172 million for social-emotional learning. The proposed bill increases tunfding for SEL innovation grants, the Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) program, the School Safety National Activities program, and funding for Full-Service Community Schools.

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Back-to-School Surveys for Students, Families and Educators

As the leading provider of K-12 surveys, Panorama Education recently launched a net set of Back-to-School surveys to help school districts understand student, family, and staff member experiences and feedback during the critical first few weeks of school.

The organization also partners with several leading SEL curriculum providers — such as Second Step, 7 Mindsets, Move This World, CharacterStrong, CREATE, Better Kids, and Open Circle — to give educators access to adaptable lesson plans and activities that are conducive to in-person and virtual learning environment.

Read More >

SEL Planning for Reentry from Move This World

This new toolkit from Move This World offers guidance for planning social-emotional learning initiatives for the various potential learning environments that districts are exploring for a safe re-entry to the school year.

The resource includes considerations for SEL in three different learning environments and tips to help you plan for (and facilitate) SEL in those settings.

Read More >

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