5 High-Leverage Practices for Cultivating Educator SEL

The global pandemic and the emerging movement against racism and injustice has impacted the US school year like never before.

In fact, billions of students across the world are unable to go to school or university amidst the measures to stop the spread of the virus.

While many are stressing upon students’ socio-emotional needs, there is little to no focus on well-being of educators. Nevertheless, it is educators who are tasked with this humongous task of creating safe spaces and positive learning environments as schools and districts gear up for the upcoming year. The success and well-being of our students thus rely upon the preparedness of adults to handle the evolving stressors. With this in mind, Transforming Education has launched an SEL toolkit with the intent to support the well-being of educators.

Source: Transforming Education

The SEL for Educators Toolkit includes:

  • Professional Learning Presentation designed to provide both content and opportunities for engagement and practice.
  • Companion Guide that presents additional details about the interactive components outlined in the presentation, as well as suggestions for pacing, facilitation, application, and further learning.
  • Snapshot summarizing the Five High-Leverage Practices and their corresponding strategies in a simple and accessible handout.
  • Reference List providing a comprehensive list of resources for those who would like to dig deeper into the research on this topic.
  • On-Demand Mini-Modules for each of the Five High-Leverage Practices (coming soon).

You can download the full toolkit here.

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