Supporting Learning in a COVID-19 Context: Recommendations from PACE

Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) recently published a report (and a corresponding brief, titled: Supporting Learning in the COVID-19 Context) for educators and district leaders in California.

The recommendations set forth in the publication are drawn from both evidence and expert knowledge with the intent to support California to meet its students’ learning needs. COVID-19 has posed myriad challenges and, at the same time, exposed the underlying inequities of the education system. According to PACE, districts “may find themselves mired in a patchwork of plans with an incoherent and insufficient program of instruction that causes the state’s most vulnerable students to fall further behind” withour proper planning in the weeks and months to come.

To assist district and school leaders, the report offers a framework to provide quality instruction through distance and blended models.


Similar to other reports, socio-emotional support for students and educators has surfaced once again and re-emphasized the criticality of the essential conditions for learning to happen. Continuous feedback and data collection to inform action are the other two key areas.

We also believe, while the PACE report is targeted towards the Californian region, other states are embroiled with similar challenges and would thus benefit from the same. The following ten recommendations distill the key findings from the PACE report. The full report and policy brief can be found here.


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