This Month in SEL [September, 2020]

This Month in ELS

This month in SEL: Carol Dweck shares her thoughts on nurturing students’ growth mindsets through protest and pandemic, tips for creating an environment in which stresssed children can learn, Transforming Eduation releases SEL Integration Approach Companion Guides, Move This World launches two new podcasts… and more!

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Carol Dweck on Nurturing Students’ Growth Mindsets Amidst a Pandemic

A growth mindset—the belief that intelligence can be developed, which in turn boosts academic achievement—has revolutionized teaching for many educators.

With the pandemic warping the school year and ongoing protests over issues of racial justice and police violence, how can this idea be applied to the challenges schools and students are facing today?

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Tips for Creating Environments in Which Stressed Students Can Learn

In this blog post, the team at The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health’s BRYT program weighs in on how schools and educators can support mental health during this challenging back-to-school period. Their proposed “educator mantra” to guide practice includes:

  •  Practice self and collective care;
  • Foster connection;
  • Ensure predictability;
  • Model moderation, and;
  • Enable predictability/agency

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Transforming Education Releases New SEL Integration Approach Companion Guides

In August, Transforming Education revised its SEL Integration Approach to incorporate five components critical to integrated social, emotional, and academic learning.

This past month, the organization published a new set of “companion guide” tools to help educators to prioritize and integrate SEL into all aspects of the school day. Designed to accompany the Quick Reference Guide, the Companion Guides go into more detail on each of the five components of SEL Integration to support educators in answering the question, “Now and in future years, how can we take an intentional approach, aligned with best practices in pedagogy, to helping students develop their social-emotional skills and mindsets?”

Each two-page (plus references) Companion Guide focuses on one component of SEL Integration.


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Move This World Launches Two Podcasts

As part of the creation of a brand new audio network, SEL curriculum provider Move This World announced the release of two new podcasts: The Emotion Motion Podcast and The Saracast: Conversations in Social Emotional Learning.

The Emotion Motion takes children on an adventure as they explore their emotions through storytelling, while The Saracast (hosted by Move This World founder & CEO Sara LaHayne) invites educators, educational leaders, and parents to build capacity for social emotional learning while encouraging moments of practice throughout each episode.

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