This Month in SEL [July, 2021]

This Month in ELS

This month in SEL: how SEL can help raise high school reading achievement, why a focus on mental health and well-being will be essential this fall, an analysis of how state education leaders are using COVID relief funds… and more!

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Data Supports Social-Emotional and Equity Curricula for ‘Whole Child’ K-12 Education

“Parents and educators know that academic excellence depends considerably on students’ holistic development and a strong, positive learning environment. Unfortunately, many schools lack access to the tools needed to support students’ personal growth and to measure and reflect on their climate for learning.

For schools hoping to incorporate SEL, an integrated approach is key. Bring in the voices of diverse educators, administrators, students and parents to inform decision-making.

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Why a Focus on Mental Health is Essential for Students Returning to School in the Fall

“It’s been a school year like no other in recent memory – combining the challenge of remote and hybrid learning for millions with the agony and strain of a pandemic that has killed more than 600,000. Mental health has taken a toll on many students and staff alike.

So, as districts prepare for the fall after the first full year during the coronavirus pandemic, many are looking at ways to help best address the mental health needs of students, especially those who may have experienced trauma, anxiety or social isolation.”

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With an Influx of COVID Relief Funds, States Spend on Schools

“Asked recently by the U.S. Education Department to identify the top issues facing students and schools in the wake of the pandemic, state education officials were remarkably consistent: There’s a strong need to expand learning opportunities and address students’ social and emotional needs, they wrote in plans they shared with the department for spending their share of federal COVID relief aid for education.

But a FutureEd analysis of the 42 state plans submitted to the department to date found that state education leaders are pursuing those goals in a variety of ways.”

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How SEL Can Help Raise High School Reading Achievement

“School principals can support student literacy development in middle and high schools by promoting the mechanics of reading instruction as well as student-centered learning approaches, such as social-emotional learning and student choice in reading materials, said panelists in a virtual session during the National Principals Conference, hosted by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.”


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This Month in SEL | July, 2021


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