This Month in SEL [August 2021]

This Month in ELS

This month in SEL: the U.S. Department of Education releases a “Return to School Roadmap” that highlights the importance of social-emotional learning, whole child development versus SEL, new student survey results related to mental health… and more!

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U.S. Department of Education Releases the “Return to School Roadmap”

In early August, the US Department of Education today released a “Return to School Roadmap” that recommends schools adhere to CDC guidance that requires universal masking in K-12 schools. The road map sets certain priorities for schools, including health and safety; supporting students’ social, emotional and mental health; and accelerating academic achievement.

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Teacher Voice: We’ll Need a Lot More Than Academics to Help Students Recover From the Pandemic

“This year will be like no other when it comes reengaging students in learning.  

Educators — working with parents and the community — are now planning how to close gaps in learning to get students on grade level. But job one is to address the social, emotional and physical issues that will make academic learning more challenging if they are not met, particularly for the students who have fallen most behind.  

Many students have not seen their teachers or friends for at least a year. They have not been able to borrow books from the library, take field trips or participate in hands-on learning activities.  

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Student Survey: Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Leading Barriers to Learning as Access to Trusted Adults Drops

“Nearly half of American students with learning barriers cited increasing amounts of stress, depression and anxiety as the leading obstacle in the 2020-21 school year. At the same time, students say their access to a trusted adult to discuss that stress decreased, according to a new national survey.”

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Social-Emotional Learning and Whole Child Development: Approaches for Supporting Students’ Learning and Development

“Education leaders know that students thrive when schools, families, and communities work together to fully support all aspects of learning and development. To meet this priority, educators have looked to several approaches for cultivating school systems that focus holistically on students’ skills development, relationships, environments, and overall well-being.

Two of the most common approaches — Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Whole Child Education — build on brain science and decades of research. How can education leaders use them to effectively support students’ learning and development?”


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