This Month in SEL [September 2021]

This Month in ELS

This month in SEL: honoring Dr. Roger P. Weissberg, CASEL and The Allstate Foundation launch a new initiative, a virtual summit on integrating SEL and civic engagement, how to leverage technology to teach SEL… and more!

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Honoring Dr. Roger P. Weissberg

This past month, the world of social-emotional learning lost a giant. Dr. Roger P. Weissberg was a visionary at the forefront of advancing the mission and research-base for SEL throughout the past several decades. A mentor and inspiration for many, we—like many others in the field—will continue to honor him and his devotion to SEL through our work.

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CASEL and The Allstate Foundation Launch Our Children Are Leaders

“Parents and caregivers play an essential role in teaching and modeling social and emotional learning (SEL) to nurture leaders of today and tomorrow.

Research also shows that students’ school achievement improves when families are treated as partners and given a voice in their child’s future.

CASEL and The Allstate Foundation have launched Our Children Are Leaders, an interactive campaign to support parents and caregivers of preschool to high school students.

The campaign emphasizes the importance of SEL in helping all children lead in various ways and provides parents with expert guidance as essential partners in their children’s education.”

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Is SEL the Key to Reducing Racial Disparities in School Discipline?

“To ‘promote healing and connection over punishment,’ we must build the SEL skills of the adults in the building, says the 2020 school counselor of the year.

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2021 Social & Emotional Learning Exchange: Thursday, October 14

“This past year raised important questions. What does it mean to participate as engaged, responsible, and caring members of a community? What will it take to develop empathy, critical thinking, and problem solving so that we can live, work, and thrive together in a diverse community?

Young people are responding and stepping forward with insights and ideas to help shape a brighter, more just future. Join us at the 2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit to engage with youth, educators, researchers, and community partners. Let’s leverage the power of SEL to move beyond talk and build tomorrow together.

Hosted by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), the Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Exchange is a unique and timely national forum for those who are committed to creating caring, productive, and equitable schools and communities that develop the whole child and ensure that all students can thrive.”

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How Mindfulness is Helping Students and Teachers Create Kind Classrooms

“This is a true story of mindfulness: Students in one second-grade classroom slammed their desks, almost in unison, every time their teachers asked them to put something away. Then, mindfulness training began.”

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Uniting SEL and Technology to Teach the Whole Child

“Social-emotional learning is seeing a surge in mentions in the educational landscape. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic clearly illuminated the fact that academic growth and social and emotional wellness are interdependent and that educators must take into account the social and emotional aspects of a student’s reality as they consider academic development.


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This Month in SEL | September, 2021


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