SEL in 5 – On Shifting Systems

This month, we discuss the importance of environments and shifting systems.

3 SEL Leadership Thoughts

The environment produces the behavior. We can treat the behavior—but, if the environment persists unchanged, we will never create true pathways to well-being and support. [Tweet This]

When thinking about creating transformational change, are we asking: “what do I have to do?” Or are we focusing on: “who do I have to become?” [Tweet This]

Using common language with staff and students is critical—especially when it comes to social and emotional learning. There needs to be consistency across the school community. Is everyone speaking the same language when it comes to emotions? To behaviors? Is this terminology being shared with parents and extended into student’s homes? By formalizing the language we use we give students a supportive system for self-advocating and asking for help; we give families more comfort to engage; and we give staff the terms to collaborate about how to support students in more asset-based ways. [Tweet This]

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