SEL in 5 – Investing In Our Leadership

This month, we discuss ways to slow down and optimize our learning.

3 SEL Leadership Thoughts

Don’t just taste the recipe; look for the ingredients.

When you see something in schools that fascinates you, pay attention to the details. The leader who thinks: “that was interesting” is a consumer. The person who thinks: “what levers did they pull to make something that successful” is on the path to innovation. [Click to Tweet]

Our schedules tend to be dictated by a societal addiction to frenzy that permeates many facets of our lives. But this is the antithesis to deep change. We need to intentionally pivot from hustle to flow; to seek spaces in which we can have opportunities to slow down on a more regular basis. We need to slow down so we can actually build relationships and engage in the activities that restore us. [Tweet This]

We learn best when we:

  • are involved in our own learning
  • work with problems that are relevant NOW
  • can connect content back to our current work
  • have agency over our learning

In 2023 (and beyond), invest in experiences that will optimize your learning. That is investing in your growth as a leader. [Tweet This]

2 Quotes from SEL Leaders

“Above all, do not ask people to set a goal that is not within their control, and do not ask people to set a performance goal that they do not already know how to meet.” – Isobel Stevenson [Tweet This]

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